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عملاءنا الكرام نفيدكم علماً بان هذا الكرام مخصص للبيع بالجملة فقط "يرجى التسجيل  لتصفح الاسعار"


This product is a unique speaker with lighting, featuring a stylish and modern design that fits any room in the home or office. The speaker comes with multi-colored LED lighting that can be changed according to the mood or environment. The product also boasts high-quality sound with high resolu..
Brand: OVEST
Brand: OVASTMobile pairing via BluetoothEquipped with a speakerSafe to use.Automatic cooling after 120 seconds of use for 30 seconds.Suitable for all uses (car - home - office, etc..).Rechargeable for several uses (13-15 uses per charge).Equipped with an internal fan to increase thrust and for cooli..
Audio Compatibility: Mobile, Others, PC & Laptop     Color: blue, black, white, pink, yellow, red     Connection type: wireless     Model number: WS-887     Battery capacity: 820mAh     Charging t..
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