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عملاءنا الكرام نفيدكم علماً بان هذا الكرام مخصص للبيع بالجملة فقط "يرجى التسجيل  لتصفح الاسعار"


Brand: Ldnio
Brand / LDNIOItem No. / AW003W15 QI and PD wireless charger with a power of W32You can check the status of your device at any time during the charging process without having to unplug it and reconnect it to the charging port.Intelligent charging technology automatically identifies connected devices ..
Brand: GODO
Brand / GODOItem No. / GD-C41510W ultra-fast wireless charger.It is designed in a simple and beautiful shape and can be used as a mobile installer as wellCompatible with all devices with wireless charging, mobile phones, iPhones, smart watches, wireless earbuds. Charge in landscape or portrait modeI..
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